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A Swift and Efficient Service For Rug Cleaning

Get high quality rug cleaning ideal for any type of fabric. We’ll match your material’s type and needs with the multiple specialist techniques we offer, meaning you get a specially tailored service ideal for any home or workplace environment.

Your Local Rug Cleaners Give You:

Rug Cleaning Twikinam

  • Skilled professional attention capable of efficiently treating any kind of fabric;
  • Multiple methods available, and stain pre-treatment included;
  • Your material is fully insured throughout its time with your rug cleaners;
  • You can call and make your appointment – or edit your service – at any time, 24/7;
  • We operate seven days a week, including Bank Holidays for no added cost to you;
  • Save money by ordering curtain cleaningleather cleaning, and everything else you need from us at the same time;
  • Request a free quote with zero obligation – all you need to do is call!;

Rug Cleaning Services – How We Make Them Easy

We have multiple methods available, any of which can be included in your rug cleaning services. The most common way we assign them is based on the nature of the material you need us to clean:

  • Synthetic or artificial rugs – will usually be treated with our hot water extraction equipment as this results in an excellent deep clean for tougher fibres;
  • Natural materials – like jute or sisal will be best off when treated using dry cleaning methods, as these won’t involve any risk of shrinking;

Rug Cleaning twikinam That said, we do sometimes employ dry cleaning for synthetic fibres – when you want to avoid the drying time required by steam cleaning, which is usually around three hours in duration (though you can keep this down by well ventilating the room, and we do offer air mover hire). We supply protective overshoes so that you can freely walk over your rugs if necessary before they’re fully dry. Ask about Scotchgard application for your fabric too – it’s a great addition if you want to keep your material in top condition for longer, and avoid the need to hire rug cleaners again for as long as possible.

Carpet Cleaning Twickenham gives you an easy way to book a lot more than professional rug cleaning services! Check out our home page now to learn a little more about what else we can do for you.

Set Up Your Service

Call us to arrange your appointment. We’ll be glad to talk to you about your needs at any time, and of course, you can always contact us about the rug cleaning you need online. We provide a free quote on your service before you hang up the phone – and we’ll also be glad to advise you on the best methods to use for the job you need to get done

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